Welcome Witchbabies

This is a little online home for us all to learn, and to share all of the incredible talents that exist within our online community.

Each week I will post up a new card, and upload your submissions/interpretations of the card – to create an online scrapbook. Go crazy – it can be written, it can be photos, it can be drawings, it can be murals – it can be anything.

Only rules are;
1. No faces unless you have the permission of the people in the photo.
2. If you take a photo of a deck, please let me know the name and creator so I can credit them.
3. Nothing offensive – but you know that one already.

You can send submissions by emailing me at witchbabies@outlook.com with the relevant card as your heading. You can also send it to me through the private Parlour Witchbabies facebook group.

Let’s break out the glitter, glue and stickers – it’s scrapbooking time!


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